Tube Trips

Sit back relax and let the current take you down the Fox River. Bring the sunscreen, football, squirt guns, food, drinks, and whatever else you may need to enjoy a 4-5 hour trip down the river.
All of our tubes are single person tube

All tube trips end at the locks

Mon-Fri all tube trips must be on the water by 1:00pm
Sat-all tube trips must be on the water by 2:00pm
Sunday-all tube trips must be on the water by 12:00pm

  • $20 per tube
  • $15 per cooler tube

-Life jackets included -Reservations are not required but are advised

                     Rules of the River

  • Please respect owners land and don’t go on private land.
  • What you take with you please bring back (We have trash cans)
  • Leave items, keys and anything you don’t need here or in your car.
  • Anything you take with you, put in a bag
  • People with bad attitudes will not be allowed on the bus.
  • Bring plenty of Water and snacks.

                Please be respectful and enjoy the river